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+++ Trabant nT receives broad acceptance in survey

November 11, 2009


At this year’s IAA, the presentation of the new Trabant nT with an electric engine definitely fired up interest in the program. The protoype manufacturer IndiKar presented the concept car featuring modern design and a trend-setting electric engine. Analysis of the visitor’s survey of approx. 7,000 comprehensive questionaires turned up an overwhelmingly positive response: 98% of the questioned visitors wanted a modernized Trabant to return to the market. Meanwhile, the overall design averaged a “B” for its trendy reinterpretation of the classic original, and over two thirds of those questioned approved of the electric verion newTrabi and would consider buying an electric vehicle.


+++ World premiere of the „Trabant nT“ at the IAA

September 15, 2009

Recognizable as “Trabant” but timely enhanced and modernly interpreted – this is how the concept car “Trabant nT” is presented at the world premiere at this year’s IAA in Frankfurt. On September 15, shortly before noon, the initiators Klaus Schindler, Ronald Gerschewski and Nils Poschwatta disclosed the strictly kept secret of the electric car’s appearance. It is characterized by a distinctive appearance and pleasing proportions. No unnecessary beading, edges or conspicuous ornamentation distract from the overall shape. The trapezoidal grill opening downwards, the front and rear lights, the bumper pads as well as the superimposed roof are the fundamental graphic elements.


+++ Premiere of the "Trabant nT" at the IAA 2009 in Frankfurt

Invitation to the press conference

The first press conference on the “Trabant nT” with revelation of the prototype will take place on

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 (1st press day), 11.45am until 12.15pm in hall 8, stand C 18.

Your questions will be answered by:

Ronald Gerschewski, CEO IndiKar
Nils Poschwatta, designer of the „Trabant nT“
Klaus Schindler, CEO Herpa Miniaturmodelle

We look forward to your visit.